KK as it is known locally is a beautiful place with friendly people who have to learn English at school, we went on a trip to the mangrove swamps in a wooden boat powered by a 15hp motor . The trip included water based painting on linen , we now have a new Banksy ? Then you’res truly was very good on the Blow ┬ápipe hitting the target. This part of Borneo we’re head hunters not that long ago . Back to the ship for Pink in concert on the big screen, then were crossing the South China Sea over to Vietnam, but at 1130 the following morning the Captain informs us we’re not going to Nha Trang but diverting to Saigon , as we’re approaching a force 11 storm OACH . The hard core of 20 brits & Aussies sat by the outside deck 15 bar for one or two beers as spray from the bow was rising over deck 15 .Everyone got spooked when the low level emergency lighting got turned on in all the stair wells , but after about 15 hours things calmed down & we got into Saigon at 0930.

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